Mtb_rex Trade Journal - a focus on everything!

@zacj346 Man, I was up 50 pips. Checked the chart this morning, at +10. I find it hard getting anywhere near an R:R of anything above 1:1. Even if I had closed at +50, my SL was 75 pips. Trailing stop perhaps? Or maybe just more checkins during the day to see how the trade is going.

And I was in a long EURUSD trade that just got blown away. Definitely need to stay on top of the fundamentals for that one. I think the news out of Germany this morning killed my trade. But that’s my fault. The trend is your friend. I forgot that.

Just opened a EURUSD short. My long trade didn’t go well. Let’s get some pips back. Don’t see the eur turning around that quickly.

Haha tricked you. I closed my EURUSD 2 pips down, as it was a purely emotional move. And glad I did it as price is recovering.

Money is money. I’m completely guilty of taking trades off the table just because I start feeling like that money would look better in my pocket than it does on the screen. Sometimes it’s near the end of the run and you can pat yourself on the back, and sometimes the EUR/USD falls off a cliff the day after you cashed out your short position for $12 and you have to sit on the sidelines and watch what could have easily been a triple digit return pass you by while you wait for another sell signal…

Okay, thanks. I’m not the only one!

USDCAD back up 30+ pips. That’s 80 pips I could have had in a week, had I closed at 50 and then started with the current trade. Ouch. Didn’t technically lose anything so I can’t be that mad.

Given the pound a look today. US looks to open down, and Trump’s address wasn’t all that compelling. I’m thinking the uncertainty, even with the Feds action, will crush the US markets. Lets see what we will see.

Long GBPUSD @ 2350. SL of 115 pips.