Multi screen system

hi… need help in setting up multi monitor system… i am thinking of 4 or 6 monitor systen

any know how… pls share u r knowledge

hardware requred ??

do mt4 have softeware for this ?


It’s really nice to see charts in separated displays while there’s one monitor dedicated to do anything else.

I’ve been using four 22" LED monitors (3 LGs + 1 HP) on two Radeon graphic cards. I connected 2 monitors with DVI and the others with HDMI ports. Then installed the multi-display management software DisplayFusion (google it).

To be more comfortable I set the primary monitor in common/ landscape position and the trading monitors on portrait. I hang the 3 of them on Tyke self standing monitor support from amazon, cheap but very sturdy. The other one sits on its own footing.
Remember to buy enough length video cables. You don’t want them entangle around your desk.

It’s all worth the money for comfortability, ergonomy, and style, and did I say the setup is very easy?

Get a chance to set them up. Four is enough, six you need a longer desk, and more money, and more eyes too :slight_smile:

why we need some screen to trade ?. becasue i can trade in my phone. if we use for analysis. we can analysis on a screen