Multiple Monitors for Trade


I’m obviously new here and all, but I’ve always wondered what beneficial purpose do multiple monitors serve in terms of productivity and performance?


They allow people to feel important because they have more monitors than you :smiley:

Some people, mainly those using very short time frames, find it faster to have several monitors so they can have different indicators or chart time frames, without waiting for them to load.

Those who use longer time frames get by with single monitor set-ups, and seem to have a lower stress/pip ratio.

Because they make you look professional. And cool…

None, since they do not serve any purpose for the ordinary retail investor…and most of the screens, charts can be bought up using one monitor unless you are watching several pairs for correlation otherwise there’s just no point in multiple monitors.

Increased efficiency. I got hooked on my 2nd monitor back in my first bank job. Helps when using two systems or referring to a database while typing a report etc. Obviously its like any tool, you can get by without it but helps to have one.

“While the other guy’s sleeping, I’am working. When he’s getting ready, I’am ready.”

As Cyco said, it looks cool…:slight_smile:

I also use it for to do my paper trail (chart on one screen and excel on the other) and to chat (same set-up as paper trailing) …:slight_smile: