Multiple time frame

Hey guys so, the time frame that I like to trade is the 1 hour charts. This is where I look for a pull backs on the trend. Just wondering how you guys do your multiple time frame analysis. Should i use the 4 hour for my long term chart where I get my over all bias then drill down to the 1 hour and take my pull back trade based on the 4 Hour bias. Thanks

I mark up on the daily and above , look for direction on the 1 hour and enter on the 15min

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The Scruffy Trader

I know several profitable traders that start with the weekly, then daily and execute on the hourly.

To find the overall trend and key levels, look at higher time frames and draw up your confluences, and then switch to the smaller time frame.

Hi there,
If I create alerts on higher timeframes, can I transfer them to a lower TF (say H1).
and then apply an ÓR’ function to them, if there is one than one alert and attach it to one audible alarm.
I am trying to avoid a situation where 2 or more alarms are triggered on the same price when all I need is one alarm to call me back to my screen
many thanks

If your main time frame is 1H then don`t forget to use 15m too.