'Murder hornets', the Asian giant hornet, invasion becomes latest 2020 concern

An invasion of Asian giant hornets became the latest 2020 worry — and internet sensation — as the term “murder hornet” began to trend over the weekend.

The first spotting of the 2-inch Asian giant hornet, or vespa mandarinia, was verified in the United States in December, according to the Washington state Agriculture Department. The insect does not generally target people or pets, but it is a deadly threat to at-risk honeybee hives.

Oh no. It says it can kill human just by stinging a person a couple of times. :astonished:

Wow. :open_mouth: Just when you thought there’s nothing else that could make 2020 even worse. :confused:

…There’s always time for a stray asteroid to hit us. :woozy_face:

Oh man, we are on the wild ride for sure!

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cartoon - virus - 62

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Raining frogs would be less surprising, come to think about it, all it takes is a big storm over a swamp.

We already have a locust problem also. Do you guys think 2021 will be better… or merely a continuation of 2020? :open_mouth:

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At this point I hope for the best but I don’t expect it, sadly.

Are you still actively trading? Thinking about starting to nibble again on some stocks… as a sign of optimism perhaps? What goes down must… come up? :joy:

lol i believe they uncommon in the Uk, but during spring you often find a queen wasp flying about, which can be mistaken for them

I am, but I am taking as few risks as possible. The volatile market has made me paranoid.

I have a few trader friends who have jumped back in to forex because of FOMO. Telling me this is the kind of environment they actually want. :flushed:

It depends on the person, I guess. I am trading, but I am more cautious than ever.

These are really scary

Equities or FX? :open_mouth:

Forex, I’ve never traded equities. What about you?

Forex also! :slight_smile:

For how long have you been trading it?

On and off for maybe about a year or so. You? :open_mouth: