Hello everyone.
Eleanor recently started a topic regarding a movie she watched, so we decided to bring a new topic about your new movies or series must-watched-list and share your list here. mention what you have watched recently and tell your opinion about that. but do not spoil that.

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Not sure whether this topic belongs to this community but recently I watched “the whale” and I liked it, aronovsky is a good director and I like his works.

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There’s a movie called “everything, everywhere, all at once”. Highly recommended.


Babypips is truly a place of wonder. especially the topics in the lobby. I recently watched wolf of wall street once more and I thing it is well-known enough :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

No offense why don’t you think this topic does not belong to this community while this category is about off topics. I did watch that like the dramatic scene. nice play

Thanks for the recommendation! I appreciate it. I’ll definitely check out the movie

Enjoy this community, though.
The lobby is a fun spot to unwind after a stressful trading day.
A place where you can share any experience.

It might be a little weird but be patient with it. suddenly it becomes something wonderful.

A friend recommended a Seri called super natural
although I knew that I have not watched that I started watching it
and i guess it worth seeing

hello again JRB48
i am passionate about series.
i can make a long list of series I watched recently.
in my opinion the very first one is FRIENDS without no doubt.
at the moment I ma watching super naturals.
1987 movie
emily in paris(fancy movie, as i am a girl haha)
the last of us
ad sisters (comedy)

watch these i will tell you more then.

I really appreciate it while you are trying to not to spoil the story. :sunglasses:

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I have seen that chen a couple of years ago. but thanks for commenting.

Eleanor what a long list.
thank you
You are a movie buff thogh. :heart_eyes:
I really like Lucifer.

You are the most welcome bro!
So, have you watched it or not?

No dude I have not.
I will in upcoming few days.
Now I am watching HOUSE OF GUCCI.

House of gucci?!
Tell me more about it? Is it worth watching?

What a great and entertaining topic that we may use in our spare time.

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is this the one with Sam and Dean? I remember watching it back in 2005 when it first came out, but I eventually got tired of it after a couple of years.

Yup, that’s it. I used to watch it, but some how it became nonsense after all of that episodes. That’s what happen when you take it so long.

If you like comedy, I recommend Modern Family. It’s hilarious!