My 3 Reasons to be here

Hello my name is Azkeriel , i’m from France.
Next year i will lose my current outcome so i want to invest to get 500 per month for the next 2 years.
I’lm here to find :

  • know if it’s possible
  • find ressources
  • advice
    thank you for your attntion

If you have 50,000 Euros capital you could make 500 a month from FX trading, otherwise gamble and get lucky. Forget social media marketing hype - that’s fantasy land.

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thank you for your respond , what Mr Everybody can expect if he work from fx for one year ?

How long is a piece of string? Mr Everybody could well blow a few accounts in one year learning what not to do.

If you set your target as your first aim to become a competent trader, you’ll need to know yourself inside out. Which means your control over emotional management.

There is no short cut.