My Android metatrader keeps freezing up

It does this every couple of days where when I started up it just does nothing and if I leave it sit for about 15 minutes it’ll go ahead and do its thing and run like normal it’s getting locked up on something and I can’t figure out what it is I don’t use a VPN I don’t I’m not behind any firewall I can’t imagine what’s doing this anyone has any ideas please let me know.

And then as expected I let it sit for a few minutes and it starts up just fine. It is a live account it is not a demo account.

Hmmm. :thinking: Not sure why this is happening, could be just the internet connection or the device getting full. But it’s possible that an indicator or robot added to your chart has a bug in its code. :open_mouth: Are you using any of these?

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Your slip is showing just a little bit, miss ria…

When I say that my Android metatrader is freezing up, apparently you’re not aware that meta trader only allows bots to run on the PC version of metatrader and not on the Android… no worries, I got your back.

All respect Miss ria.

That’s wildly inappropriate here in 2023, good sir.

@silverf466 is a scamming.

I think you two are the same person, so we’ll see.

I have about twenty androids and about a half dozen iPhones and I have ten PC’s in front of me.

I have multiple vpn’s and I have the ability to change my browser footprint.

Do what you gotta do.

I’ll take that as an affirmative since you dropped the “accent”

No offense taken! :blush: Thank you for clarifying. :smiley: I really did want to help so I looked it up myself. :frowning: But I apologize if I misunderstood the situation. It’s weird how you call me, Ms. Ria though. Hahaha. :sweat_smile: Ria is fine! :smiley: