My binary options strategy

I have a binary option strategy

Which is using bollinger bands 20 and when the candle stick hits overbought or oversold you place your put or call for 6 candles later

So if you are using a 5 min chart its would be 30 mins

A 1 min chart it would be 6 mins

Let me know what everyone thinks!


I have tried this and 9 out of 11 trades have been profitable and 2 lost


i think it is more strengh if you add RSI and stochastic for oversold or overbought… correct me if im wrong


I haven’t tried that ill have a look but this works fine the way its setup at the moment

Have a look on a fx pair like gbp/usd

Let me know what you think

I guess this strategy better work with 5min expiry. To make best output, just required an MT4 and OptionTrade allows their traders to get this downloaded from their hotforex terminal.

Is it really possible to use Forex MT4 platform for binary trades?

What strategy are you talking about? Sounds interesting for me as I use Optiontrade to hedge Hotforex trades, not quite often but I do combine them. Probably you can reveal some new interesting tricks to master ;)?

You can use MT4 for making analysis and it is really helpful for better trading Binary Options.

I don’t use bollinder bands but I combine RSI, TASS and important levels (moving average, horizontal supports and resistances…). I trade only and only if all this indicators are combined. Of course it reduces the number of traders but it strongly improves the winning rate.

I guess it is better to check with their customer services as I have no idea if their platform allows any such trade or not.

I opened an account on November 21 wtih CToption broker with a balance of $1500 and activated the replicator. I left the system activated for several weeks at a level of $10 per trade. At the end of 3 weeks I had $2600 in the account. They placed 315 trades with expiration times of 30 or 60 seconds and had 251 winning trades, 54 losing trades and 10 Ties. This works out to an outstanding success rate of 80%.

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How do you mean you activated the replicator. Can you please tell me more about this. I have been losing trading binary option. Your reply would be highly appreciated thanks

It’s a very interesting system. For some time my friend wanted to try trading binary options, but he couldn’t come to some common system. So, I show him this post. Now he’ll definitely try it in action somehow. He may even try to improve and personalize it somehow to make it more suitable for himself. Keep posting on the forum, I’ll wait for updates from you.

i agree it helps a lot.

I used to use this strategy on 5mins, just not in a strong trend obviously. Choose a more or less ranging pair and add a bit of basic Support Resistance to back it up

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My strategy is using MACD with the 5 minute Bot scalper. patients is the key. When you get over bought or over sold on the MACD with the long and short signal on Bot scalper it is a great set up for 15 to 50+ pips works best on 30 minute time frame. This week up 107 pips. Give it a try feed back is welcome

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no, mt4 is only for forex. for binary you have to use some other sites.

try using martingale money management

Thanks for this strategy. I don’t understand what u mean by A 1min chat it would be 6mins. Can you please explain more clearer.

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It looks great. Just make sure that you test it on your demo account. I do that couple of times, run everything by my demo account before I risk any real money with anything new.