My country is still drowning. :(

After being hit by the super typhoon Rolly, which was supposed to be the strongest typhoon of the year, we were hit by another super strong typhoon. :sob: And this time, it’s much closer to my home and felt so real. :sob: We lost power, our internet connection, and there was ankle-deep flood in our front yard. :frowning: But I know I’m still so much luckier than a lot of my other fellowmen.

I’m praying for everyone affected by the typhoon. :pray: I hope my kababayans here are all safe!

For anyone who would want to help. :frowning: I’m not sure if this is considered as solicitation, but it’s not for me. :frowning: If ever, it will be for the victims of the typhoon. :sob:

I am so sorry you’re going through this, ria_rose. This year has been horrible from start to finish. :frowning:


As if 2020 wants to throw anything else at people! Sorry to hear you and your country are going through this. I hope you get a break to come back stronger.

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My thoughts are with you and all your good people. :pray:

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Thank you so much! :pleading_face: This year has been so difficult for the world, but especially so for third world countries like my country. :frowning: And to think that we’re still expecting like 2-3 more typhoons before the year ends. :sob:

Thank you so much! :pleading_face: I hope so too! There were people who died from the flood and some who had their houses and livelihoods destroyed so I’m just hoping they could rise from this again. :frowning:

Thank you so much! :blush: Please stay safe out there too! :frowning: