My Daily Trades

How I take long on EURAUD today ?

My chart analyzing platform is tradingview web site. I am using 5 minutes charts for day trading. Every day when I open the chart, I mark the HPD, LPD and draw the Fibonacci lines between those lines.

There are two reasons I select the candle which was formed at 1.45 to take long trade.

  1. Candles are above the 200 MA, so it overall in a bullish mode.
  2. The candle which formed at 1.45 (I am using New York time on my tradingview account) it breaks the previous support.

I took long trade after closing that candle at 1.45 and target it next fibonacci level above the HPD. See the below image.

High prices and low prices are not the same as swing highs or lows - but hey if this works for you then great keep it up!

I think you’re going good so far. Just wait for a few days to see how it works.