The system I’ve been using with great results & it’s very simple.
TF = 15 Minuets to D1
ADD 25 12 & 9 EMA to your chart.
BUY When the 9 and 12 EMA Cross the 25 EMA Upwards.
SELL When the 9 and 12EMA Cross Downwards across the 25 EMA
Basically the EMA’s are the same as the standard MACD indicator.

Sounds like a winner to me. When do you exit?

How is this? On an MACD, the 12 EMA is a 12 bar MA of the difference between the other two MAs - that’s entirely different from this? You’re super brave to enter trades just when EMAs cross over, but good luck!


Hi Steve, I trade the D1 Timeframe Exit either when the EMA’s cross or Exit at 2 or 3 to 1.
The video below is very similar to how I trade…


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If you use similar settings, it still works…
Thanks for your feedback…

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When prices rise, the 9 crosses above the 25 slightly before the 12 crosses above the 25. When they fall, it crosses below the 25 slightly before the 12 does. So in overall effect, you’re actually trading the 12/25 crossovers, here.

Good luck with it - hoping the great results continue!

It’s the kind of MA system that can go well in smoothly trending periods.

This is quite right. When I first started reading the discussions in this forum, I was very surprised at the almost-universal misunderstandings of how the MACD actually operates and what it actually displays. And then I discovered this interesting post and suddenly the whole issue here, including all the misunderstandings, made complete sense!! :grinning:


Good morning everybody this stratégie is rentable?