My EUR/USD Daily Trading Log

Hello guys,

I just thought i’d share my trading resulsts with you.

Feel free to ask questions, i’m no Pimped out Pipper yet, but i know a few tricks and i will be happy to share my knowledge for most things.

Good luck!

Elang, your results looks pretty impresive. What determines wheither you are doing 20 pip or 30 pip trading? Thanks for sharing.

Do you use a set system? If so are you willing to share it?

Hello guys/girls,

This is just another mechanical system in the testing.

I can’t disclose how i determine entry points yet as i’ve kept my word to someone regarding that, who is actualy developing an executable windows version of the system, so if all goes well, it should be open to the public for sale in the near future.

As for now though i am more than happy to recommend this system here:

It is located at the end of the first post.
The profit potential is better than that of the system mentioned in this thread (here), however setting stop losses is a bit of a predicament.

Do that a look at it, with a little practice i anyone will be able to make good profits through it.

Regards and good luck!
E. Lang