My EURJPY trade

Hi guys

This is my trade EUR/JPY long.

My entry point : 155,29 my SL 154,80
My target : 157,70
My trade technique : i have pending order long at 155,90 and will move my SL of first order to a 155,70 if a price hit my pending order.

reasons to enter :
Mostly technical.
Good strong up trend at D1 ,W1 and MN1 charts.
Bullish signal from Stoch.
And RSI above lvl 50.

I’m gonna hold my position for a few days till market confurm or decline my targets.

Good hunting.

Vladimir .

you can clerarly see two days sort of dojis and to my analysis market will go for correction first and than will resume trend. you stop loss is very close but profit target seems to wishfull

Thank you for a note.
I think same as you that my stop loss is too close but still we will see what happend.I’m still newbie :slight_smile:




Hi guys

Price rich my second order entry point at 115,89 and i move my first order SL to a 115,35 wich eliminate my risk from my first order.In worst scenario i will get - 44 pips wich is less than 0,5 % of my capital. Let we see what happend next :).

Good hunting.


Update 1

Price test few times 61% of 04.07 to 08.07(this movment is quite strong it broke 2 bottoms of a trend) and fail to break out. So i close my both orders with 112 pips plus.

Now what happend next ?

Probably since market can’t break out those resistnace is time for bears :slight_smile:
Stocahstic shows divergence.Verry likely going down.

I’m enter a short my entry point 155,83 my SL 156,45.

Good hunting


Update 2

Hello guys

Today price break out resistance at 61 %( 156,50) with as power as i expect early.But i didn’t wait enought to cach it :).
I lost those short trade but this is a part of a game. I need to learn myself to be more patient and to belive myself more :slight_smile: . In any case my good money management keep me away from a loss i’m still 62 pips plus from both trades.

Best Regards