My Experience Today

Ok guys, fear is another thing to fight against in the market. One bad trade or a streak of bad trades shouldn’t define us, else we will never get over it.

Never understood all this business about fear ,your not in a war zone are you ?
Maybe if one is risking money, what is for living expenses,ie food ,shelter and clothing

fear is one of the foremost obstacle to survive successfully in this market . i think only only trading life but also hammers our daily real life activates.

as a newcomer, that kind of problem is very common. you need to the proper practice of trading… otherwise, trading life could be dangerous

according to me this is a very common problem for beginners level. if trader’s willing to come out from this habit they must have practicing a very long time.

I struggled with a lot of fear and anxiety in the beginning. Learning more about it and ways to cope can help to overcome it!

If you followed your strategy, you don’t call it a bad trade. Your system should have a win rate, so losses are part of your system.

Start thinking like a pro trader. Losses are part of the business and should have no emotional effect on us. This said, the most important thing about losses, is to properly manage them.

You will not see a wholeseller getting emotional about the cost of the goods he buys, or the cost of shipping and delivery. It’s just part of the business, but he needs to keep control of it in order to keep the business profitable.

Fear and anxiety overcomes by fighting them out, you need to follow a schedule and routine to get indulged into various activities and reading books surely helps out.

More often than ever fear is associated with the risk of losing money.

How can you deal with it?

Understand that you can’t be successful ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE TIME. Be tolerant to your losses as it’s an inevitable part of the trading.

Cap your losses so they don’t hurt you much. Whenever I enter a trade, I prepare myself as if I am going to lose the trade. This helps me make sure that I have a risk management plan in place. Before preparing yourself for making the trade profitable, have a plan to contain the losses.

Take the profit at the right time. Don’t assume that the price may go up or you can make more profit. Have a solid exit strategy and stick to it.