My Final Journey


My name is Semi. I am new to trading. Have been searching and trying out a lot of ways to make extra dollars but it has cost me a lot. Been trying out some affiliate marketing stuff since 2015. Most of them keep selling me stuff and products that cost me more than 15K and got nothing back. Finally gave up and decided to just continue my regular job as a delivery guy.

Friend of mine told me to try trading. Since i have given up, it took me more than one year to finally say I will give it one more try. Been watching trading videos on YouTube from 2019 till today. Every single day on my break, i would go to YouTube just to watch trading and how to trade and anything to do with trading. I mean “every single day”. Today after work i just got on my computer and did a little research and that’s how i came across this website.

I hope i came to the right place to learn. And I’m so desperate to see what the training has to offer. I have a very good feeling that I have come to the right place after reading the reviews. Cant wait to start!

Welcome. Good mindset. While you learn more on here - press the green education button above - I suggest you’re ready to open a demo account and treat it like it is a live account. Experiment, but keep risk per trade low, and manage your capital minimally.


Feel for ya.

The problem with much of the affiliate marketing space is they teach you how to teach others how to make money by teaching them how to make money.

Confused, yes me too.

There are ways to make money online but I think for a sustainable business it really needs to be something that you know of well or resonates with you.

Trading is good because you don’t need to employ others or even have to sell anything.

It’s the ultimate no brainer when it comes to making money on line.

But the reality is few succeed, and there are multiple threads on here pondering as to why.

Contrary to what others are likely to say I’d actually advise you continue your search for making money online even while you are learning to trade.

Trading does not take much time, and it’s the belief in the opposite that leads people into trouble - they think they need to be constantly researching, or trying new strategies, or reading trading psychology books etc

Sure all these activities are important for traders but so is healthy interest in non trading areas.

Infact outside interests can actually IMPROVE trading results - too many traders can’t see the wood for the trees because they examine every blip in price when they should just be chilling out.

If you can develop a sideline income outside of trading, you are not so likely to panic when you lose a trade.

The world of earning money online can be overwhelming, there is even more to learn than trading!

One idea I think is good is to learn how to setup wordpress blogs and websites.

With no money goal in mind - just the goal of skill acquisition

But once this is mastered your options for any type of online business becomes wider or you could even bore the pants of other traders by writing your very own trading blog.


Thank you sir. Very motivating. I really appreciate.

Ha, ha - that’s funny…

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Thank you sir. I will definitely do that. Thank you.


For a moment Steve I thought you might say 555.

Obviously most on this forum would not understand that.


Have you open a demo account for practice yet?

What have you learned watching YouTube?

To be honest i learned nothing but i was motivated to do some research and find out how they doing it. That is how i ended up here. I had given up long time ago after losing couple of thousands and thought that all money making online is a scam. Took a while to be convinced that there are legit ways to making money but i just had to be encouraged first. This is my leap of faith and i am willing to learn more.

Given all that, what/how do you plan to trade?

Welcome to the community! Babypips is surely going to prove a great help to you. You can start with the school of pipsology and ask out your queries if there is something that you are facing issues with.

Hello and welcome to the community. You should be glad to have made the right decision of finally landing at the right place. Understanding your desperation to make money, I’d rather ask you to be patient and begin your journey by learning all about Forex trading from the School of Pipsology. Spend a few months understanding since it is very important so that you don’t lose any money further. Also, start trading with a demo account to experience trading and panning out your strategies well. All the best!

Welcome to the community. You’re at the right place. I hope this works out for you.

Choosing forex trading as a career is not easy. Learn from as many sources as you can and make it a habit to practice your newly learnt knowledge. You will do good.