My first live positions ever, today, 24th Dec. 2013, with FXCM

Hello PipNRoll, our FX Mistress!

Yes, you are right, there is a sense of inner peace when one accepts that one CANNOT control the markets

but CAN control losses…

Indeed, having that time off may be just what the doctor ordered… Although for a non-seasoned dabbler

like me, every day feels essential! I have no EA taking care of itself, if you know what I mean… Even entry

orders need checking/changing/deleting depending on what happened through each day…

What about you? Have you taken a break from trading because you have to, for work or family reasons?


Hello Geordie!

How are things in Newcastle?

I agree, FXCM have acknowledged their error and are trying to rectify it…

This is why I am sticking with them, among many other reasons!

Who do you trade with?


Yep, taking a break for now so here I am been trolling on here it is so much fun that way :slight_smile:

I’ll get back trading again soon :slight_smile:

You are a very attractive troll, I must say! Even that beard does not put me off hanging around with you


Seriously, thanks for showing your face again… it’s good to be taunted by you haha

** blush** thanks!

Some folks just need to chill out. To much ego that are floating around over here … And yes, what’s up with beard lol I’m kidding :slight_smile:

You are very welcome…

I think your girlfriend may disapprove of your trading habit even more if she saw your posts like this…

The PM feature exists for a reason.

I am publically humouring PipNRoll…

If I P.M.d her with ‘you are attractive’

THEN my motives would be less


Ah, well, that’s how I roll! :slight_smile:

I think the market needs to open already. We got too many posters worried about these so called mystical creatures. Please just open market and force all these posters to be down so many pips they go back to their little man caves to work on a new system LOL.

I tell you, LegOnd, weekend trading

…will it ever happen?

Dreaming on…

RVAAnalysis System | Myfxbook

Force their positions down so many pips, kinda like this guy?

RVAAnalysis System | Myfxbook

Oh don’t worry guys… She’s just an “Uptown Girl” :wink:

Help me out, PipNRoll,

by telling the world we are not having an affair

… and that the beard I mentioned is actually not real haha

Fantastic song…

Billy Joel is fab

Lol seriously? Haha…an affair in forum lol good god noo! do you want me talk to your gf? Although, I tend to be friends instantly with females you might get jealous if she becomes my BFF ;)… Just saying…

Geez… Its a joke lol

Haha. Suck it big. You wouldn’t know what it actually takes to think outside the box if someone pushed you out. I’m trading macro my dude. 100% risk. Literally pocket change. Unlike you, I’m perfecting my entries, exits, and direction before I put in some g’s. Even that RVA account of mine still probably has a higher average than yours.

Yeh. I have no idea what I’m doing.


Don’t worry about it. I don’t think you will do such a thing to your gf. You have a good conscience and you value more your relationship with her and everyone knows that base on your posts…I think it is your nature to give compliments , I don’t know if it is because of being Italian? Maybe? No worries. We are friends nothing more :wink:

Give me a big hug…:60::60:

OMG how did the thread come to affairs?

I am claiming my thread back :wink:

Thanks PipNRoll… I am indeed happy

to pay compliments… Congratulations

on being a smart and successful woman;

I also pay my compliments regularly to:

‘Professor’ Emeraldorc, The ‘Fib. Expert’ gp00053,

and the fantastic role model that is Simon Templar

And many more fantastic people who make these


Good night , all of you great people of

May the new trading week (and month)
bring you much prosperity!

I kind of love this thread, even though I don’t have anything of value to contribute to it.

I’m not trading live, but I’m impressed by FXCM as they are truly international and give a sense of reliability.
Tyneside is in summer season right now so everyone is wearing tee shirts in the rain. To be honest we wear tee shirts in the snow as well, but with a hoody on top.