My first trade just won - completely accidental!

I thought I’d share this with my fellow Pipsters and give you all a laugh…

I’m sitting here in our office at home, nervous as hell and talking to the ‘nice man on Oanda - chat thing’ to ask him 'how do I set up my trade.

Anyway, I set it all up wrong because I risked too much money -

In my demo a/c I have $1,000 (I needed a nice round number!) and I wanted my risk at 2% and leverage at 50:1. Well this is what I told him and he told me 10,000 units - so that’s what I did.

Oh, and I did it for 20 pips up and 20 pips down - whatever happened - again, nice round numbers - I know, you’re seeing a pattern now, right lol…

Anyways, I forgot all about it - was doing something else and just went to close the screen and lo and behold, I’ve just won $20…

Yes, I know - definitely beginners luck in ‘my’ case 'cause I didn’t know the hell I was doing to start with.

Actually, I ‘did’ realize how much was as stake and I did ‘not’ click the ‘okay’ button - I thought I closed it out but obviously it ‘took’!!! Thank God it wasn’t real money - I would’ve had a heart attach - phew…

Okay, you can all go back to the serious posters now :slight_smile:


Sweet, nice to get your feet wet?

Keep rollin, baby steps

Oh dear, I feel I’m about to be shot down in flames…

Why do you ask :slight_smile:


I’m sorry my ditzy ‘appearance’ here on Babypips offends you.

I’m replying to your post above and including your diatribe because you’ve completely pee’d me off.

Okay blonde and ditzy aside:

I ‘do’ find Forex exciting - so shoot me. You don’t believe me? I really don’t bloody care one iota.

I don’t go on any other forums or use any social media - 'nuff said. Never have, probably never will - not my style.

I haven’t told any friends - my husband knows because I’m having him help me on the techie said - so sue me.

Because you and others like you have a serious side and I prefer to be rather more light hearted about stuff, does not give ‘you’ or anyone else here the right to pass judgment. I’m not passing judgment on anyone else here.

If I’m infringing on BP’s rules, I’m sure they will soon enough tell me. If I pee anyone off or they don’t like me, they can avoid my threads and posts.

Continuously trading demo a/c - I’ve only just bloody started. Unlike some, I’m not diving into this and going live and losing money. I will go live when I’m good and ready. I like money very much for the freedom it brings and am not about to blow it without enough knowledge - think I’ve already made that clear in prior posts.

No genuine interest in risking and earning real money. For a start, I’m older than most on this website. I’ve risked plenty in my time in business - I like money and that’s why I’m very interested in Forex.

Again shoot me / sue me - because it doesn’t come as easy to me as to many others. Because I’m older. Because I ask lots of questions. Because I don’t mind if I come across blonde and ditzy in doing so - I’d rather that than be a boring old spiteful b’stard quite frankly.

And when did you try and point me in the right direction - forgive me, I don’t recall.

And almost finally - anyone I’ve ever done business with has commended me on my professionalism - I wasn’t aware I had to be so serious on a forum website.

This is finally - if YOU don’t like me and my style - why don’t you bugger off and lurch in someone else’s thread.

Yes, I am completely bloody offended by you.

Hey Jessey,

Anger and intense emotions are nice to have, but make sure you don’t show or let that emotions control you when you trade real money and have to take a loss, because the market will just eat you alive. When you fell angry when about to trade, shutdown your computer and do something else, probably outside the house, so the temptation to turn the computer back on would not let you trade.

Breathe, relax and chill.


Hi Fx,

I wouldn’t dream of placing a trade while I’m this wound up. I’m angry because someone who doesn’t even know me makes such sweeping statements and is, I feel, completely bloody rude. Christ, are we not old enough to just avoid someone’s post if you don’t particularly like that ‘someone’? If I don’t want to get depressed from garbage news, then I just don’t watch it. If I pee him off above to the point where he has to make that post, why does he bother reading my stuff?

There’s a time and place for emotion I agree and trading is ‘not’ that time.

Cheers anyway!
Jessey :slight_smile:

Awesome post.
A lot of traders don’t realise that you can be mentally tough but still have a sunny disposition in life.

I think AK is trying to warn you in his own way, and you’ll find many others will come along later to “bust your bubble”.
Take it with a pinch of salt…
But I don’t have to tell you that, you got b*lls kid :slight_smile:

You go girl! I thought your post was really funny and Akeakamai is totally out of line for telling you off.

Banker, you my friend made me chuckle - lol

:slight_smile: Jessey - blonde and back on track!

Just wanted to acknowledge your posts on here - Piptronix and Kapitibull thank you both - I appreciate it :slight_smile:

For the record, I’m on week no. 6 and have clocked 106 hours so far - clearly I’m not here for the good of my health - lovely though most of you are :slight_smile:

I’ve been reading and studying and taking notes, now is the time to get my feet wet and start looking at charts and practising all that I’ve read so far…

Cheers everyone, have a great evening

Jessey :24:

Hey Jesse,

I can tell you one thing only and remember this post and tell me in 3 or 6 months time about what i’m about to say below.

Technical charts studying is the easiest part in trading forex, the most difficult is the unwavering total control of your emotions (discipline and patience).

No need to answer me now, but please reply in 3 or six months or even a year, so new traders can see and learn from it.


Daaaaayum, where did that come from? Remind me not to piss of a seemingly innocuous nice lady.

It is easy to talk about emotionless trading but not that easy to implement. I have been trading for quite some and doing ok (in a profit) and sometimes I do get my emotions involved in trading. It’s not easy. trust me. Biggest issue I have was with the leverage. If I have 40 profitbale trades in a row I was thinking why not leverage the trades a bit more? I did it once and made a huge profit, this was the worst thing that could possible happened to me. When I tried it the second time I got a decent profit as well but on the third time the market moved against me and wiped off 1 month of profits. Good luck with containing your emotions, let us know about it when you begin live trading :slight_smile:

Did you say 40 profitable trades in a row, or is that a typo? Do you actually mean 4 profitable trades in a row?

A win is a win Jessey, well done. Keep looking at charts, get your support/resistance lines in place & then the win will be justified as you’ll know exactly what you’re doing.

I’m loving the outburst too, it was a beaut! As long as you’re being serious when it comes to your trading (which I’m sure that you are), then I’m totally with you on keeping the rest light-hearted. It’s a forum for getting and giving help, but it’s also a social thing & there’s many folk out there wanting to burst your bubble & rain down the negativity. Obviously you can hold your own but don’t let these things bother you - constructive criticism is fine when worded right, but some folk just want to watch the world burn.

Good luck! :smiley:

Hi Jessey,

Well I for one chuckled at your opening post in the manner intended, and did not immediately read across from that that you are playing at this, or being unprofessional etc.

You and I have had a few exchanges, both on forum and in PM, that have completely shown me how serious you are about this. It’s perfectly possible to exhibit the results of steely professionalism while having a smile or two along the way. Life would be blinkin’ dull if noone did and I for one am happy to declare myself a fan of the Jessey approach.

I was once on the receiving end of a blunt akeakamai intrusion into my flow, which I neither invited nor wanted; at that time I bit my tongue and simply reached for the ‘ignore’ button. Your response in this thread made me think ‘you know what, I should have been me and told him what I thought’. So good on you for standing up for your position.

And on making $20 while learning something!


Hey Girl,

I just wanted to say Congratulations on your very very first winning!!! 20 pips is awesome!! I wish you more pips to come.

I would like to add that if you are one of those people who like setting goals in this business do it now (if you haven’t done it so). Like I said on my previous response to you. If you are aiming either 50, 100, etc. pips a month for starter, this is a good start :). These will keep you motivated and focus.

So proud of you… you deserve a drink or two…or three… you get the idea :slight_smile:



Nice one :wink:

Nooooo. Rather read a post that makes me smile. Dunno about you, but they’re not going to sell me a world wrapped in grey. And yep, well done on your first win. You now have a 100% trading record. Ain’t many on here can say that. :slight_smile:

By the way, I know you’re in the US but you’re not British are you? It’s just some of the words you use and your writing style seems distictly Brit to me. Either that or you maybe you were brought up watching ‘Till Death us do Part’!!!

Morning Everybody :slight_smile:

I’m officially back to my blonde and happy self… Well, I was okay last night after my outburst at youknowho but today, is another day and it’s beautiful - so… Happy Trading to my friends here on BP.

Okay, moving on:

FXTurtle: you seem not to be alone in thinking I can’t control my emotions - just because I told some rude individual what I thought of him for his unsolicited and unpleasant post. Said with a smile, why don’t ‘you’ make diary notes for said milestones from now, ie 3, 6 and 12mths as you stated and then ask me how my emotions are holding up :57: I will happily tell you how I’m doing - which I highly suspect will be for the most part, still learning (obviously) and using a demo a/c till I am consistent in strong measure. I will still be asking q’s here on BP (unless they kick me out) and hopefully, I’ll be able to help other newbies once I have a little more knowledge…

If I haven’t already made it clear, which I believe I have - I think (as my hubby would agree) I’m one of the sweetest things you’ll find on the planet but one thing I cannot stand is rudeness - so I welcome anyone to come on my threads with constructive advice but do NOT be rude to me, there’s no need for it. And the world would be a much nicer place if people could just be a little kinder to others… call me PollyAnna if you like - I just prefer being nice and being ‘calm’ - just don’t cross me with rudeness.

I think a few on here believe my emotions may get the better of me. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in standing up for oneself or for someone else who can’t defend themselves for that matter. When making a trade, I won’t be bringing testoterone to the table - it will be a b&W transaction, whether good or bad. My biggest challenge at the moment is the techie side - I think that’s been made clear. For those of you who say emotion is the biggest challenge, I respect your opinion - I am also an individual, so when I tell that ‘techie’ is the hardest part of me, then at least also respect ‘my’ opinion.

Cheers to DavidLee, MikeHeart and Piptronix - thanks all for your posts here which I really appreciate

A big shout out this morning also to Baz, ST, PipnRoll and UKDave. :10:

Hi Baz - thanks for the post - I’ll keep on with it and you know I’ll be knocking on your door again for advice in the future so thanks hon, and I hope you’re almost back to full recovery with the ol’ arm… Happy trading and more pips to you my friend.

Hi Pip - yes, I also make goals and am pretty firm in sticking to them - I always have - I believe that’s what is called discipline, right… :slight_smile:

Hi ST - How are you today? Good to see you and a big thanks for your words of support - I really appreciate that very much. I get that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea here - I don’t wish or need to be. My point is, if you don’t like me (or anything else), then you just avoid the person, no?

As for ST, Baz and Money (those three in particular) know that I’m very serious about this - I’ve asked them many questions via PM and they’ve helped me enormously. They clearly don’t mind that I’m not as quick as everyone else and have been instrumental in helping me, as well as being really lovely to boot.

Okay, now I’ve said Hi to everyone and thanks again, I’m back to my ‘studies’ with strong coffee in hand…