My first trading system

#1 trading system

  • identify trend 2 hh + 2 hl, trade 3rd after confirmation
  • stochastic in overbought/sold, waiting for up move or X crossover
  • big bullish volume or low bear volume

1HOUR trading
4HOUR trend
15, 5m entries

Risk, SL & TP
balance= 100e
risk= 1% of equity= 1e = 100pip
leverage= 1:30, micro lots
pip value= 0,09e - 0,10e
spread= 20-30pips
stoploss= 100pip - 30pips= 70p
takeprofit= 140p
R:R ratio= 1:2

Money calculations
EUR/USD= req mar 33,33e, pip 0,09e
USD/JPY= req mar 30,66e, pip 0,09e
GPD/USD= req mar 38,33e, pip 0,09e
USD/CHF= req mar 30,65e, pip 0,10e
AUD/USD= req mar 19,51e, pip 0,09e

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sounds good planning , appreciate , its knowledgeable , thanks for nice post.

still i gotta do some adjustments, i’ve been stopped out twice or thrice before 150pip move… and some bad trades by my impatiance… im trying this with real money but it’s a 100e that i’m willing to lose for real money experience in forex. Not that i’m saying im going to lose it!

Good luck with this @speex! :smiley: And welcome to BP btw. :slight_smile: Haha. I know it’s super tempting to sometimes move away from your strategy, especially when things get boring and you’re itching to get in the market, but I hope you stick with it! :smiley: Haha. :slight_smile:

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