My First Trading System

Hello all,

So I have finished the school content - currently on my second re-read of my notes.
I would like to gain some insight into how some of you went about creating your first trading system.

The schools 6 steps to designing a trading system tells you to find indicators to help find and confirm trends…there are a lot out there though, so I’m looking for a way to kick things off. Preferably from some successful traders who have been through it themselves.

I am looking to swing trade with a $10k starting balance - once I am comfortable, having demo traded for a while of course. Currently I am demo trading, and learning the MT4 ropes with the Cowabunga system and another found in the book ‘diary of a currency trader’.

Any ideas greatly appreciated and if there is anyone else out there in a similar position wanting to share on the journey, drop me a note.



There is one thing I would like to point it out for you in order to give you some heads up: Demo trading should not be used for a system development. Use demo only to get familiar with the trading platform. When it comes to trading system development you should do it on a live trading account, but only with some small trading capital (micro account). Proven fact is that any trading system developed on a demo account will not work on a live account. Trading psychology is totally different when you are trading your real money.

Thanks Rambo, I will bear that in mind.
Anyone else with any handy hints?


Have just finished the school myself and find myself in a very similar position to the one which you describe! Was going to make a similar post but thought maybe you could share what steps you took seeing as this post is a few years old now?

Many thanks