My forex disaster

hello everybody
My forex broker , Agea is blocked by Indonesian govermon so I can login to that broker. It mean I can wd or depo my money.Mt4 platform is running normally that I can entry or close my trade. Is there anybody can help me please!

Can you contact them by phone?

Sorry to hear that buddy… what did your broker say when you tried to transfer money to/from your account?

Can you use something like hotspot VPN to give you an American IP address and try from there?

How come they allowed you to open an account in the first place?

Thank foryour attention and your tradng set up , I can login to their site so I can wd or depo my money.

As others have suggested, you may want to use VPN…but just remember, you would still have to account for any profits you make, and pay tax on the same later. I am not sure why Indonesia would want to ban a particular brokerage, did you find out why?

It is said that this broker is againts anti money laundry, hopefully Agea will respond this from this beloved forum.
Thanks so much

Sorry to hear that. Actually I think that you have nothing to do. All of your money has been banded. You needed to know all about broker before investing. Same thing occurred for an online bank called liberty reserve. The site was banded by USA police. None of users got their money from that site. I don’t know what is going on for this site. Good wishes for you……….

Thanks so much sir
now ijust wait offficial respon from agea

its kinda weird but do keep us posted! I hope you have not deposited any money yet! if its gonna be a hassle then go for another broker maybe, best of luck

Well, that’s a serious charge and one of the few that actually warrants a government blocking the broker. That being said, you may want to check other brokers out. Just remember to check out the broker, do the research…
Believe me, it took me all of one year before I felt comfortable in upgrading my account with all my three brokers, from tradersway to fxcm though with fxcm I really did not have much of an issue…
So do the research and hey, good luck.

Thank so much there,
I hope no one else have the same experience with me, what broker. Do you use ?

You’re welcome, and I use Trader’s Way, FXCM and Alpari though I would not advise alpari for beginners…

IS your problem with your broker already settled? hmm

Hello liliku, I work for AGEA as a representative, if you are still having any issues with your deposits and withdrawals, please kindly contact us by e-mail or through our support channels and comment us any problems you are facing so our support personnel can help you with them.

As for money laundering, we would like to comment you that we are obliged to follow anti-money laundering (AML) laws and regulations, if you need more information you can check our AML policy at our website, under the section “Anti-Money Laundering”

Thank you.

Sorry to hear about this, and before joining any other broker, do the research. Money laundering is a serious charge and if the government has banned the broker for this reason, they probably have good reason to do so. What you can do is to approach your government and ask for their assistance in getting your funds back but other than this suggestion, there’s not much we can offer…
Good luck and let us know how it works out…

We would like to clarify that there are no accusations for money laundering against AGEA. That version spread here is completely groundless. We are one of the most reliable brokers on the market (founded in 2005).

All our clients are able to deposit and withdraw their funds normally. Issues with withdrawals generally occur when withdrawal form is filled incorrectly or when there are security issues, and it can be solved in minutes by contacting our Live Support team.

is there any updates regarding your clients claim? was he able to sort things out, either withdraw his money or maybe get a fully functional account going, do keep us posted

The account is active and operating normally, also all withdrawal requests were processed normally.

We would like to hear an update from liliku itself if he still has any issues with our services so we can help him with them.

Thank you.