My Gambling err sorry trading strategy

Hi all

i wanted to get some valuable insight into my trading. My Strategie is to use SAR, RSI and MACD, when the indicators match i place the trade. I have been trading mostly evenings and mornings and my results have been poor, out of 89 trades i have gotten 45 profitable trades some very little nd some a lot. I trade different lot sizes and lost significant amounts when i trade with larger lots. I understand that i need to pull out before i lose a certain amount and let the profits run. I have a trading log saved attached as a PDF. Please analyse and tell me what you think. Thank you for reading this and any opinions.

The problem is that indicators all lag behind the price, they are telling you what happened and averaging it into some formula, then spitting out a nice little graphic or line or whatever that is predicting possible movment ahead.

All the decent or good systems I’ve had success with all had one thing in common, they used candles as their main indicator.

Candles show you what price is doing now.

P.S. there are plenty of free methods on babypips, even the not so hot ones are probably better than something someone new to trading would make up. I recommond going through them, they will teach you a lot.