My Holy Grail Scalping System

What ways are available to share results?

Now that you have asked, I think I should simply give you my name.
I have been studying forex close to 10 years and this “holy grail system” has only been a wish.
But during those 10 years, I have come very close to achieving that wish.
I have taught my trading system to several people. Maybe Marchfx is one of them. Unless I get his name.
However, I actively participate on elite trader dot com.
Probably I should open a new thread where I can post some signals when am not at work. (there will be very few signals)
Its a tiresome experience that I have endured for close to 4 years because an opportunity to learn only arises when a prediction fails (since I have to establish why that prediction failed)

That’s not what you said in the initial post:

Why not just answer his two very obvious, perfectly legitimate questions, instead?


And second:


why not, you can take a screenshot or use myfxbook to link your account.


sure that is true. But don’t believe everything you read especially without a track record

I am a tiger…

I don’t want to see your track record, just an outline of the methodology please.


no, but did you notice he’s just edited the thread’s title line, from the first post, to include the word “wishful,” which wasn’t there yesterday?! :sweat_smile:

seriously, @Forexerguru , are you the same person as “MarchFX”? i’m only asking, not accusing, but you do seem to promote exactly the same systems as him, in various places online, sometimes even with the identical attachments/images in your posts - and you can obviously appreciate that this arouses some legitimate curiosity?

that’s funny: MarchFX seems to like making exactly the same point! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have taught several people my strategy, some of them I met online and took advantage of me.
My name is Haron Kagathi. I hope I will be able to delete this thread later on because it has my name

So this are the questions I am getting?
am i marchfx, where is my track record,

i never doubted it for a moment - but it doesn’t actually answer my question above, does it? sorry to be “insistent” but it IS a fair question, in the circumstances, isn’t it?!


I will share my record in an effort to become a better trade. I am not saying this is a perfect strategy

what is their real names, I have not been active here for some years, but very active on elitetrader under the name forexerguru

I will definitely give it to you, reporting to work now

promoting signals or selling anything is not allowed here

The stategy is based on price action and strong support/resistance
Lets use EURCHF as an example
Look for strong support/resistance at 0.96134
Then look at the price action

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EURCHF likely to go up

you have to practice it for several weeks/months. You will realize it does always work especially when trading japan yen.

Also its good to wait until the current 1 hour bar closes
If i were trading eurchf, I would open my trade at 0.9621 and set my stop loss at 0.9616

if you have more questions, I will send answers to your inbox

the strategy requires constant use of reminders. Right now, I have to come back and find out what the outcome will be after several minutes (60 or 120)