My Holy Grail Scalping System

i hoped it would get to this level

i hoped it would get to that level within the first hour and then rise in the next hour

based on my experience, that is based on my trading experience and please don’t roast me (with your comments) its possible to achieve 5% gain or more in one trade whenever the identified pattern meets the set conditions (in this case it was touch 0.9621 level).
Otherwise, gains tend to be small.

I closed mine and made some pips.
I have created a special account where I can verify my claims. However, my desire is to learn and learn and learn. learn learn learn.

Unfortunately, you babypips traders are mean with your knowledge. No one has ever given me any insights. The only thing I receive is very discouraging comments

If interested in this strategy please begin by learning to identify strong support/resistance levels (that will take some time) the rest will be easy.

also if you have a strategy you consider interesting please share it with me.

Exactly!, my philosophy as well.

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someone asked for my results. They want to see very high returns.
But let me say the following.

  1. My first aim is to learn so maybe I will get one or two comments that will help me to improve on the system.
  2. My second aim is (was) to learn how to maximize gain and minimize dd. I think i have already achieve that. I will tell someone how I keep my dd very low
    see below

The only way to keep your dd low is to identify the best entry point as was the case here, you can take the midpoint of the previous 1 hour for instance,

I did not achieve the 5% gain or more because price never touched my idea entry point.
That means my strategy has three components.

  1. Strong support/resistance level
  2. Price action (very easy to spot)
  3. Ideal entry point (if price has not touched your idea entry point, please keep your risk low)


that is the screenshot but i guess i will get better in trading before the end of the month.
just search haron kagathi forexerguru
you will see all my babypips links

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Please flag anything you see as misleading because I don’t want to mislead anyone.
Also use demo account for practice

Do you actually know how trading works?


Make a screenshot of your close trades showing profit or loss from this holy grail system or link this demo account to myfxbook so people can see how your results

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Just for fun but if i had the holy grail of trading why would i need to sell it- sure great to help people-but nothing works ontrading systems because the market works on news-just my view, better to wait for news on your currencies trading and put in pending orders to oco

the best strategy, no grail needed, holy or demon. news trading that’s the only our friend
but it’s hard to find a broker to copy trades =/

That’s by far the commonest reason for people losing forex accounts.

News trading is the one time that brokers often can’t honor stop losses, and it’s pretty easy for accounts to be decimated, that way.

The irony is that it’s even possible to get the overall direction right and still lose most of your account, when that happens, because of spikes in both directions.