My imaginary girlfriend told me to find a job

but I dont want, i am scared of people, they gonna mock me and i will feel alone without her at my job

if you are not in a good financial health, you need to re-consider your decision and have a stable income. Life will not treat you easy if you do not take it serious. Care to share what ‘scared’ you are with people or what people gonna mock you about?

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You can trade forex if you like but it will take some time and you’ll have to learn a lot. Good luck.

I gave my imaginary girlfriend a gift the other day. She was made up.

people are gonna mock you everytime be it good or ignore what other says and focus on what you wanna do…

Try to keep yourself busy with the things that you enjoy solely. I prefer to read about Forex to gain more knowledge and to book profits. This will help you in spacing your life peacefully.

Have you ever had a real girlfriend? They can be more valuable and helpful than you may realize. They can help with all the general things that are challenging for a shy guy.

Real girlfriends definitely win over the imaginary ones. They don’t have to make life great but they do make it better.

Everyone enters the forex market with a different goal and so they apply different forex strategies to make profits. Some get successful at making profits while there are many who don’t even get to make a single penny. It is all in a trader’s hand. Do whatever you can to improve your skills. This is the ultimate key to making profits.