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My name is Tinotenda Manyevere from Zimbabwe. i have about 5 months trading on a demo account. i tried to trade on a real account but i ended up in losses. i feels like i do not have what it takes to be a profitable trader , so i wish to get any guidence from my peer traders

Keep a log on the mistakes you made, and aim to avoid these. That is a learning process. Also, aim to develop a profitable strategy and strict process on your demo account, and stick with it for every trade.

Learn how to deal with emotional challenges - The Zen trader by Peter Castle is an excellent book.

Keep persevering.

Best of luck.



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Welcome Tinotenda

Sorry to hear you blew your first real money account. The good news is that you’re not alone, if you speak to most traders they started their journey in the exact same way. Think of that first loss as a vital part of your education.

The key to becoming a successful trader is to get the right education, and you will need a lot (lots and lots) of education. A lot of traders don’t become profitable for years. The key is not not give up and keep getting the right education.

As suggested by @dushimes above, a great place to start learning the basics is the Babypips School of Pipsology course.

I iwhs you luck in your trading journey.


Welcome Tinotenda! It’s part of the learning process. Remember that it’s a long journey of learning and practice before you become a profitable trader. Good luck!

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Hi Tinotenda! Nice to meet you! Don’t worry too much about your losses, many traders go through the same thing when they start. Just keep learning, practicing, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. With consistent efforts to learn, you’ll become a better trader.


Another one hitter quitter?

This is why I keep my welcome messages short. haha


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Hello Tinotenda! I suppose it’s inevitable for every beginner trader to lose his first deposit unfortunately. The thing is to make the right conclusions from every negative experience on the market. That’s the only way to excel in this sphere.
At least I don’t know a single trader who became profitable just by learning from other people’s mistakes.