My Introduction to babypips

Hello Fam, my name is Lincoln and I am new student excited to learn Currency Trading. I heard this is the spot for it.


Hello Lincoln !

This most certainly is the spot to begin. I’d recommend you give the School of Pipsology much of your time and understanding. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better entry level information.

Learn Forex Trading at School of Pipsology -

Best of luck!

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Hello @Ldeaguiar81 Welcome to Babypips!

You heard absolutely correct! Good Luck!

Welcoooome Lincoln! :blush: If you’re already reading the school, then you’re already on the right track. :blush: If you don’t mind, what lesson are you on already? :blush:

Hello Lincoln. Welcome! How’s your learning going so far? I hope all is well and good luck on your trading journey!

Welcome on board Lincoln. Indeed you’re in the right spot. Just follow it diligently.

I too am going thru the Pipsology course right now. I’m got 165 lessons completed, I’m also demo trading at the same time. I’m thinking around march I’ll be ready for a live account.

Hi, I am joining Babypips to learn more about forex trading. The site and content seems simple and accessible for a beginner, unlike other sites I have visited.

Welcome! Congrats on your progress and good luck on your trading journey!

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Hello and welcome NelyaTen! This is really a good place to learn how to trade. Take your time and good luck on your trading journey!

Welcome to the fam, Lincoln! You’re definitely in the right spot. Where did you first hear about this community?

Nice! Congratulations! How’s your experience with demo trading so far?

Nice to have you here too! Which other sites did you check out?