My introduction to Babypips

Hi everyone, my name Is Robert and about 3 months ago i became interested in the finance Sector.

Initially i should’ve started a paid course about trading Academy. However It was very expensive and eventually i stalled my entry into that.

Fortunately, i discovered babypips in january and became obsessed with It, and i completed over 101 lessons already.

I love this Academy because It offers mucho more than that paid course and It explains It in a very fun and comprehensive way


Welcome, Robert.

My name is Paul. I’ve been here for over two years, and I just finished the lessons this month.

I also got obsessed with the course because it is so fun and comprehensive. You lucked out in not having to take that paid course and found babypips instead.

The forums are fun, and you can learn a lot from the forums as well.


Glad to see another fortunate person stumble across such an incredible resource!

Best of luck

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Hello and welcome, Robert! Enjoy your stay and good luck on your trading journey.

Welcome Robert and congrats on your Pipsology progress. Keep enjoying the journey and feel free to ask questions here. Happy learning!