My Introduction

Hi! Everyone my screen name is Malik150 and I’m new to trading I’m looking forward to making new friends and building enough knowledge to make a living trading and help others do the same,

Welcome and good luck. It’s going to be a long journey on the road to success, so be prepared as there is no short cut. FX trading is simple but not easy.

I would suggest you learn from this great education site, see if FX trading suits you and your lifestyle.

Hello and welcome Malik50! How are things going for you? Have you started with the School of Pipsology? It’s the perfect place to learn the basics of forex trading.

Welcooome! :blush: There are a lot of nice people here so I’m sure you wouldn’t have any problems finding friends. :smiley: If you also have questions in the future as you’re reading the school, don’t be shy to ask. :smiley: Good luuuck!

Welcome to the community, @Malik150. Start with the education section here. It’s the best place to start for beginners.

Hey there, Malik150! Welcome! You’re in the right place for sure. Feel free to ask anything, we’re all here to help each other out!

Thank you! I started the the education system here on this site.