My introduction

Hello everyone,

I am from north of Toronto Canada.

I have decided to learn about Forex during this COVID phase. I had always heard bad rumours about Forex, so never really played attention. I am currently going through the BabyPips schooling and thats dispelled a lot of myth about Forex and has been very interesting.

I am a programmer by trade, tho my work is really now project management.

I have always play in programming for stocks, etc. With mixed success, Some great runs and some bad one. I have tried to automate my “stock” programmming, but was not easy.

I came across MQL4, and that really looks exciting, and very useable, much better than any platforms with stock trading that I have seen, so willing to spend time to play with it and simulate before trying with real money.

It seems I have so much to learn, tho I understand most technical indicators, and I am excited to play with them with Advisors.

Any directions you can provide will be appreciated!

Ok, a bit long, and thank you, this community looks very interesting.


Hello @leroadrunner! :smiley: I think a lot of the bad rep forex trading is getting come from the scammers and spammers in the industry. :open_mouth: There are still a lot of those so it’s best to still be very cautious. :slight_smile: Other than that, learning forex is pretty fulfillinf. :blush: I wish you all the best! :blush: Good luck in your trading. :smiley:


Thank you ria_rose!.

Should I create a trading journal? Even for demo? If so, what do people use here?


Yeah! :smiley: That sounds great. :smiley: I’ve also tried maintaining a trading journal even for demo trades where I basically just shared the rules of my strategy and just posted trades I take every week. :smiley: :slight_smile: I’d definitely look forward to yours. :blush:

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Just a post that you keep expanding on? Do you have examples? Thank YOU!

Yeah! :smiley: Just like that. :slight_smile:

Here’s the trading journal of one of my friends here that you could use as a reference. :smiley: I’ll also link other journals I’ve been watching. :blush:


So basically, you just have to share the exit and entry rules of your strategy, the pair you’re trading, and even a rationale behind your strategy. :smiley: Haha. :smiley: It’s really up to you!

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Here’s another one from Mike. :smiley:


Hi @leroadrunner, Welcome. I’ve heard bad rumors about Forex too but I also thought, why not give it a try, it uses the same chart as every other type of commodity. Keep updating us on MQL4, I looked it up and it looks like a type of automated trading and I’ve always been curious about that.
best of luck :grinning:

Will do, thank you balyyu.

What do you do? Use?

Hi @ria_rose,

I simply started it here if you would like to provide feedback, very basic for now (baby steps). Thank you so much ria_rose.

Hey, leroadrunner,

You have a long learning road ahead, my advice is to slowly figure out what your trading style is. Would you be willing to sit around and trade all day? If so, you. might be interested in short-term (intraday) trading. Or do you have a full time job and want to trade/invest in order to grow your account with a better return than a bank could give you? Then you should focus on long term trading.

Depending on your trading style, you might want to look into learning different things as well. For instance, if your investing/trading horizon is medium to long-term, you should definitely learn a little Macro Economics / Fundamentals, and not just Technical Analysis.

Feel free to PM me if you have more questions. Good luck in your journey!

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Thank you, appreciated!

@leroadrunner I haven’t chosen a Forex broker yet. What do you use?

I am Canadian, so so far, I am using Oanda for demo, they have a non expiring demo. So far, I like it as I can play with the money and not pretend I have 100K and use more realistic numbers for me.