My introduction

My name is Karizma, I’m interested in Forex for so many reasons it just seems like I can truly fall in love with this lifestyle of being 9-5 job free and enjoying what my dad never experience before he passed. Walking hard at something I love by just analyzing it on my computer. I’m related to most of the basics of forex but I wanna start getting more into forex to make a lot of profits. I wanna step by step response and active response with the forex community.

Have you yet built your trading strategy? if not, make one. Improve it until you get your desirable result.

So tell me how you aim to make a lot of profits? I suggest you press the green education button above and start learning how to trade forex properly.

First lessons: learn how NOT TO LOSE MONEY, which is the secret of being successful on Forex. Tattoo that on your forehead, and repeat the mantra one hundred times. It’s that important.

Then look up how to learn and understand money and risk management. After that continue your education course and experiment on a demo account.

Welcome to the community, Karizma. First step is to go over the BabyPips school. Then practice with a demo account as you go. Good luck.