My Introduction

Hi people.

Excited to be a part of Babypips community. I was reading about ForEx book reviews on Amazon for newbies. One of the reviewers mentioned Babypips and here I am. Glad that I discovered this platform. I wish to start from the basics. Many thanks!

Welcome. Starting from the basics is a good mindset. Learn before you earn. FX training is speculative, simple, but never easy, and there is no garden of Eden apples as a reward.

Best of luck.

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Welcome to the community! You’ll find this community and the free resources here very helpful Just continue with your efforts to learn and stay disciplined. Good luck!

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Oooh. :blush: It’s great that you’re checking out different resources. :open_mouth: Which books are you particularly interested right now? :smiley: Also, welcooome! :smiley:

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I ordered Currency Trading for Dummies by Kathleen Brooks and Brian Dolan. Not sure how much it will help but most of the reviews were positive. I also downloaded a PDF file of The Candlestick Trading Bible.