My introduction

Hi, my name is Mirsh and I’m from the sunshine state. I was referred by a family friend who I was conversing with about Forex. I’ve been trading for less than 6 months and is looking to expand my knowledge.

Welcome to the community, Mirsh. How has your trading been so far?

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You can learn many new things about trading from the educational section of babypips.

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Hello and welcome Mirsh! How’s your trading coming along? Are you trading in demo or live? Looking forward to hearing more from you!

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as a best part of learning i think demo account is really best even though most of the traders dont believe the importance of this trading place at all.

instead of demo account i mostly like micro which is very supportive to bring live knowledge and experience.

It’s going ok, I would love to learn more and start on my live account.

Thanks for your warm welcome! I’m currently using a demo account.

Good to hear. Good luck on your fx trading journey.