My introduction

Hi guys I’m jowdy. 28, from Namibia in Africa. I just joined baby pips. I am a very inspired newbie with a year’s experience in forex. I am lookin forward to learning and improving my trading. I’m down to earth and open to advise. any suggestions from this community is welcome. I don’t mind making friends here too. Hit me up!

Hellooo Jowdy. :blush: Welcome welcooome! :smiley: It’s great that you’ve been trading for over a year now! Is that live or on demo? :smiley: A lot of people here are very nice and helpful so just feel free to ask also if you have any questions. :blush: Good luuuck!

Hey ria thanks for your reply. Over the course of 2021 I demo traded and also went live. Truth is it hasn’t been easy and I’m still struggling with consistent profitability. I am still holding a live account and not yet doing good​:sweat_smile::sob:. I’m hoping I get help here. :blush:

I really appreciate the honesty and I feel you! :sweat_smile: I’ve also been trading part-time for a while but I also have my fair share of losses. I guess it’s just part of forex trading in general so I hope you don’t let that discourage you. :blush: Do you have a current trading strategy? :blush: I’ll be cheering for you!

i hope you will enjoy the environment with learning something new level. can you please make sure your trading condition more about ?

Ok so I learned 3 types of strategies, the moving average, channels and the horizontal support and resistance. Each one of them has worked for short period and start to let down. I think at this I’m overwhelmed by too much information I picked up along the way. I concluded I’m probably not learning the right way.

Uhmm…thanks for reply. I didn’t quite get ur question there.

when using a trading strategy i think first of all you have to make sure perfect money management.

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That’s a good point.