My Introduction

Good morning everyone, My name is Subomi from Lagos, Nigeria. I am an auditor. I am new to forex and I have no idea about it. I have always heard about Forex, but I haven’t paid any attention to it. A friend recently introduced this website to me after I told him I needed help learning Forex. My reason for learning Fx is to have another source of income and I hope this website will not just help me know more about Forex, but will also help me to make money over time.

Try and forget about it as a source of income and just look at it is acquiring a new skill like painting or something. Perhaps one day that skill might make you some money but do it for the love of learning the skill itself. Money is a poor motivator and will often lead to just losing it in this business.

Try baby pips school of pipsology. It has helped me a lot in discovering about forex.

Thank you for this advise.

Okay. Thanks

before earning it is more appropriate to focus on learning session , otherwise trading life would be more difficult.

i think you already got the answer you needed actually . hope for the best.

You’re welcome. Good luck and all the best!