My Introduction

I’m a newbie who wants to learn forex as a way of creating another source of income stream

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Welcome! Click that LEARN FOREX tab and get your start. It’s a great place for a newbie.

Good Luck!

What you will learn is that apart an from income stream, you will have an expenses stream, as FX trading is a high risk profit and loss venture.

Much better to concentrate on proficiency and let rewards, if any, take care of themselves.

hi and welcome , this community is really friendly from all we have in online . hope you will enjoy this environment.

Forex can be a great source to bring good amount of profit if you can make sure all inevitable parts of trading.

the journey of Forex trading is a long time process , so there is no way to deny to continue learning process even after having good knowledge and experience.

without practicing trading the result of learning will not works at all , so we the traders first of all need to make sure a perfect trading place for practicing.

You can also lose money with Forex, so it’s not a one way path unfortunately mate.

Make sure you don’t risk more than you can afford to lose

Hello, you’ve arrived at a good spot. You can learn how to trade foreign currencies on the BabyPips website. It provides excellent content for new traders to start with.