My Introductionction

Good day, My name is Blessing . I have come to this forum to learn how to trade crypto currency. I am new in the field, hope to learn so much from you guy.

Hello and welcome to the forex world.

Oh dear. You’ve been influenced by social media marketing hype - which is mostly fantasyland. The outcome of trading crypto currencies as a newbie with no experience, is you will be gambling and, depending on the wind of change, make a fortune or lose all your money.

You must understand that you will lose money on some trades, as does every trader on the planet. There is no guarantee you’ll make money. That’s the reality.

Wish you all the best for the future.

Welcome to the community, Blessing. Nice name. I believe the education section here will be useful to you too. Just skip the parts that are focused on fx only.

Hi Blessing! This forum should help you accomplish that, I recently became interested in cryptocurrency as well and there’s a lot of info here. Also love that the site is free and has so many helpful people if you need to ask a question. Good luck out there!

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