My Journal for my training

-to grow account by at least 10% per week.
-to make public my notes of my progress
-improve on the discipline of trading
-review and learn from them.

-one scalping strategy and two signal providers

Will post my trades and comments based on observations and learnings daily.

Day 1 Monday 13 July 2015

-Signals performed well and made a profit.
-too excited with my strategy and didn’t follow the correct entry signals.

Opening 500
Profit 17,41
3% change

13 trades
-1 cancelled Entry Price not triggered
-6 lost
-6 won

For tomorrow
-stick to complete entry triggers
-maximize signal profits with stop loss and trailing stop loss.

i cannot determine whether you are following a good strategy( have been searching for a strategy of my own) but i like the way you are going

Hi, hope you take this in the right way but if you think you can hit 10% a week you may be in for a shock.
I would suggest you finish the school first, you’ve got good scores so far.
Use your account as a micro trading account, keeping your trades and potential losses small.
Dont over trade, watch your mm
Best wishes

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