My journey to forex

My name is Christopher .I’m tired of employment trying to figure out a new way to earn without working for someone ,in the process a friend referred me to forex he told me that I first tutor myself on babypips after that he has promised to help me start my trading journey. God help me to learn more about forex and try to trade as soon as possible

Hi and welcome… :slightly_smiling_face:
Always put Jesus 1st.
Wisdom comes from above…what you do with it is up to you.

This is the best to earn money if you have proper knowledge and skills

Hello and welcome to the forex world.

Hello and welcome! This site is great for beginners and forex can definitely provide you with the opportunity to work for yourself one day, as long as you take it seriously and stick with it. I’m wishing you luck!

baby pips forum is really a good source for beginners to acquire all basic knowledge and experience . i hope you will be more knowledgeable. thanks

the Forex Journey could be dangerous if you skip the learning issue , because with no learning no way to survive in there with successfully.