My Lovely Introduction

Hey guys/gals

I’ve been watching for a while and I gotta say. This site is pretty cool. Big pippin been pissing me off. Where are my charts big dog???

okay enough of that. So, I used to work for a telco for like 9 years, then Verizon business in call center software support… i was tier 3… thank you. I fixed the software. This wasn’t end user support… this was admin level support.

Then a RIF… you all know what that is.

Now, after two years of Obama blessed unemployment ben’s… I have a job with another tech job.

honestly, big O is a joke… but whatever… we’re screwed if our congress keeps on screwing up.

oh… side note. I have a Boston Terrier (bloo) we call him poppy, Boxer (Mikie Rae Huntsman), and Great Dane pup (Winnie Penny).