My market analysis

hi there guys, I am new to babypips forum, however I have been trading for quite some time and have done quite well for myself. As I move from personal trading to the next step of my career I am looking to make a name for myself and my market views.

In this thread I will be giving my various analysis on different currencies along with charts to show positions, I am not offering signals, calls or any management service of any kind! I just simply would like to post my view of the market and show you what I will be trading! If this is the wrong forum to be posting this then feel free to give me a swift smack Big pippin. Here we go!

Allrighty, here is my take on EURJPY, this is what I will be trading. I am not going to get into a long boring description, I have allot to do and the charts speak for themselves!

Here is another great pick Which I am already in!

Yes, I am well aware I did not spell analysis correctly in the thread name, was in a rush. Kind of gives it a nice ring though no?

If a mod could please change it for me or tell me how I could change it I would appreciate it!

Furthermore I will be letting these trades develop before I take any more positions in my accounts. Until next time, be good and if you cant be good be good at it!