My name is Laud and I am Glad to Join you. Any Advice as a Newbie?

Hi, ya’ll!

I am a newbie ad I have not traded ever in my life. I am looking for a life-changing opportunity around here. I hope my journey will be worthwhile being part of this family and every good advice will be welcomed.

I look forward to a wonderful trading experience.

Thank you.

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Hello @lordsesame! I’m also a newbie. I started in the School of Pipsology and it’s helping me in my trading journey.

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Pipsology? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes! You can find it here in babypips. Learn How to Trade the Markets

Hey Laud! Nice to meet ya!
Good luck!

Thank you Greenish.

@lordsesame - Welcome!

Wish you all the best in your journey.
Just make sure you don’t think you’re going to be quick about it…
trading forex is a journey, you have a LOT to learn and do before you can call yourself “a success”.

Sure you are absolutely right.

Thanks for the advice.
@ Ray316

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Hello Laud,
Welcome to Babypips. Hope that you learn a lot and be a trading success. But yes @Ray316 mentioned it is a long long journey.

I agree, and Thanks. @Ele_Wood1

newcomers always should keep in cool mind when learning in practically , always remember no short cut way of learning there is.

Don’t try day-trading.

Find a simple strategy that works off daily charts.

Don’t put real money into this strategy until you a) understand it inside out and b) have worked it consistently profitably using a demo account.

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Hi Laud, I’m algo Glaud!
Jokes aside, welcome to the crazy train!

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God bless you.