My name is McGlynn

Hi all.
My name is Josiah McGlynn.
I’m new to this forum, but I already like it. Lots of interesting topics to talk about.

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Hello @McGlynn Welcome to the community.

wish you happy learning and trading.

welcome to baby pips family, this community is awesome and very friendly , i hope you will enjoy everything with learning something new.

hi and welcome , can you please describe what’s your trading condition at the moment ?

all topics are interested and also important to learn . this is a informative community we have in online from all, have a good journey . thanks

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Welcome to the community Josiah! Looking forward to hearing more about your trading journey. See you around and good luck.

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Welcome to the community, Josiah. Are you new to trading too or just new here?

Hello. Thanks.

Hello. I’m new to trading and can’t boast yet.

I’m new here.

How long have you been trading?