My name is Robins (FOREX LOSER )

Hi ,

My Name is Mike robins ,From my Childhood i have an aspiration to become an Forex Trader .So i started my career with Forex Trading ,As a New Bie i cant understood the Market Fluctuations ,and the Tactics to win there…

I lose $5000 in an single day…And finally i came to quit this Trading …On that time i hear ed that some one is Teaching this Forex KAIZEN technique ,and his Name was Mr.Lee ,who have an 50+ years experience in Forex .So As a last chance i tried and join in Forex kaizen courses .

At the beginning I am not so much interested in those techniques ,but after some time ,I loves that Forex Kaizen…TOday i am earning some good $$ with those Techniques .Its working out in the Market .

Thanks ,
Mike Robins .Forex Trader

whats this kaizen technique?

Hmmm 50 years experience huh???

life’s too short for boring cars and cheap wine.

I think we should go easy on him - he is a New Bie, after all.

Sony, Canon, Toyota, most successful Japanese companies have followed kaizen philosophy of " make it better, improve it, if we don’t, we can’t compete with those who do."
Kai - to change, improve, make better, Zen - good
Never heard of the philosphy in forex trading, but maybe we are applying it simply by being here (ie babypips)
Good article in Wikipedia.

Hi guys. Although I’m newbie too. But it seems very moody to me to have been getting experience for 50 years… I think there is shorter way to earn money and be successful. Maybe someone could tell more about Forex Kaizen. How does it work?
Happy trading.

Raleigh Lee, joined here in Aug 2012, 1 post, is appartently over 70yrs old, started as a stockbroker in 1967, he seems to be an interesting person.

Mind you, if you google Mike Robbins - he has posted (it’s a copy and paste) the exact above message in many forex sites, all with only one post, also the above Raleigh Lee has done the exact same thing - all in the past 2 months.
They both seem to be choosing forex forums to make their one post - why?

Disappointed - he seemed like the real deal :frowning:

hello Robins Forex Loser.

I’m also a loser, but only at forex. :18:

Oh-----what a loss- $5000 a day. Bad loss. sorry friend

When you invest $5000, make sure that
you need to be very active with your trade,
you should always trade with care and not in hurry,
you should learn to take every level as an opportunity of learning the trade more,
you should be able to learn and get more strategical points to follow,
Learn to know more from other successful people in the trade.

Maybe u should share ur knowledge pal ^°^

Hi Robins Forex Loser!! Do you know if Mr Lee also give kung fu courses as this what i need at the moment to kick some of the X brokers?? Thanks

I’m reading this thread and still have no idea what Forex Kaizen should be.

Maybe someone knows the answer?