My new FreeFX video, on market sentiment for Pound and Kiwi pre-16th December

This is my subjective view of what

is shaping the Pound and Kiwi right now…

What do you think?

Good work! I had it open in a tab & meant to watch it last night but only just got round to it.

I see where we’re at now as a bit of an infliction point as to my outlook on the GBPNZD. Above 2.4000 & I’m waiting for the Bulls to come back in again & below it is breaking a low on the daily chart so I’d be more bearish but as you said, the RBNZ rate announcement will more than likely be the catalyst that I’m waiting for. I’m a technical trader but fully accept that fundamentals are what get us moving.

I agree, 2.40 is now the next big target, but let us see what happens with 2.30!


Apologies, that’s actually a typo. I meant 2.2400 was the infliction point.

Ah, that makes more sense.

Can I ask you: how could I improve on my videos??

I’d need to watch more of them & need to know your aims for them. Are you after view counts etc or just the content in general?

Have you considered putting them all together in one thread, rather than splitting them as you do now?
Might help generate a following

Excellent suggestion!!

It’s a commentary on things I am following in the markets… I am not too worried about views/likes: I would prefer actual comments/feedback :slight_smile: