My new FreeFX video: thinking of one's needs, selecting a time-frame, etc

Hello traders!

After Manxx suggested this topic, I made a short video now about how one may want to

start constructing a strategy for trading; topics covered are:

  1. thinking about why we may want to trade in the first place;

  2. thinking about how much time we can dedicate to trading, which means…

  3. …thinking about our life circumstances, our commitments, our individual needs before trading;

  4. thinking about what time-frame we may want to look at, based on points 1 - 3 above;

  5. using a multi-time-frame approach first, to help us defining which one may suit us best.

Let me have what you think, and if you have further questions…

I think this was a very good “starter” video that covers, very sensibly, a number of general considerations that a person starting out on trading should think about. It is as much about personal circumstances as it is about trading decisions. I think it would be a very useful tool on a site like this to have a structured series of such videos working their ways progressively through the various aspects of developing a trading life.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I really ought to make a part 2 and part 3 where I delve into the details of time frames, indicators, etc.