My new strategy/system gave me a 412% return in the first 7 trading days. I will trade $2,000 to $50,000 and then teach you how

Disclaimer: This is not trading under normal circumstances.

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So…what has happened in the first 7 trading days?

Well, a deposit of SGD 2,000 has grown to SGD 10, 257 (I have actually withdrawn $257 but it has yet to process).

The broker I’m using is IC Markets. That’s a growth of 412% in 7 days. Can it continue? Well, it would be amazing if it happens again, but of course, past performance is no indication of future performance. So we can only make plans and see what happens.

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Good luck, and welcome to BP!

P.S. This is not X (Twitter).


Thank you, I like your username! :wink:

I wish you luck and hope to see your progress, even when the inevitable happens. But why have you posted basically the same thread so many times? Are you selling something?

You can’t teach how to do this, it’s gambling. I have absolutely nothing against it or you, but one day your luck runs out and the broker takes it all back.


Hello and welcome to my journal.

This is my second post of this topic? The first time I posted it, it was supposed to be an interest-gathering kinda stuff so it was in Trading Discussion but for some reason, it got moved. I was busy, didn’t had time to edit some stuff, so I simply deleted that post. Hope that clears up.

13 November 2023 (+8 GMT)

Today didn’t go as planned.

Was supposed to be awake on market’s open, as I anticipated some interesting gaps to form and take opportunity of. Unfortunately, I wasn’t (still am) feeling too well and couldn’t get up. Missed a bunch of opportunities.

The previous withdrawal was processed, so that’s great. Today’s profit thus far is $323, which represents a growth of 3% for the day. Still have 2 running trades that I intend to bag more pips. I guess you can say the EUR/USD and AUD/USD trades were kind of warm-up, to kickstart stuff.


not bad at all, for a day that didn’t go as planned! :sunglasses:

hope you’re feeling better quickly

you must be 6 or 7 hours ahead of Central European, over there? how does that work out for you, in general, regarding trading hours and sessions?

I’m on +8 GMT, so currently it is 9:19pm.

Market opens at 5am for me…which is shitty.

London opens in the afternoon, so plenty of time for lunch and sheningans.

US opens around 9pm in the night (depening on daylight saving) which is fine; again, ample time for dinner and sheningans.

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i see, yes - still that sounds like the only drawback, and you have the income tax-free situation to (more than?) compensate for it? :wink:

sorry to fill your Journal with extraneous gossip! :blush:

That’s fine, I welcome all chats here, as long as one is polite.

Where are you from, you seem to be quite aware of Singapore? :slight_smile:

Also… :smiley:


I jest, of course.


lol, no prob, am only a flamingo proxy, anyway: there were no flamingos here, when i joined

if you think they’re stupid, you should try penguins, some time - they’re real imbeciles (but very nice)

i’m originally Belgian (someone has to be), now have UK citizenship too, speak fluent English and live mostly between Amsterdam and London, and belatedly welcome to the forum!

(ps have never actually been to Singapore)

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That’s OK, I have never been to Belgium either, although I do love Belgium chocolates…which reminds me, Christmas is coming soon. Lmao.

Penguins are stupid, but you can’t stay mad at penguins, can you?

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13 November 2023.

Bigger trade done. Profit for the day is $1,412.


wow, you kept quiet about that one, snuck up on us … well done!

you trade silver as well? i have never in my whole life traded it once, not because i have anything against it, but because i know absolutely nothing about it at all, and never have

is $45 commission a lot, or is that just normal because it’s a fixed $9 commish per lot, and you traded 5 lots?

well done, anyway! :sunglasses:

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That’s the thing I don’t like about IC Markets…they charge commission for metals. That’s fine, $9 per lot is ok but for Silver, their 1 contract size is actually not 1 lot. To get the same sizing, you need 5 contract size (ie their 5 lots), so that’s…$45. A big drain there, but oh well, I got sick of my current broker’s account manager, so diversifiying a little, hence I just opened an account with IC Markets.

They do offer 1:1000 (for offshore), so that’s another perk (yes, I know there are 1:2000 but a lot of such brokers are scam-ass).

There’s nothing special about Silver, it’s just like Gold; but of course there will be some differing properties.

What are your favorite pairs to trade?

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i trade futures, not spot, now - mostly 6E (“EUR/USD”) and 6A ("AUD/USD), sometimes 6B (“Cable”) - the same as trading the currency pairs but in a transparent market with no spreads, all brokers having the same prices (as prices are centralized on a visible exchange, not determined by brokers for their own “products”), so your broker’s always on your side, never a counterparty; and regulation and client protection of funds are far stronger and safer

there are “silver futures” too, of course, but i know nothing about those either: don’t trade commodities, options or bonds at all

i do sometimes trade the US indices futures, ES (“US500”) and even NQ when feeling adventurous/reckless (“US100”)

(i have the feeling, somehow, that you already knew all this about futures?! lol - just answering in full for the “benefit” of anyone else reading!)

(ps exported Belgian chocolate is not nearly as good as what we keep for ourselves, in typical EU style, but i’m in Amsterdam now anyway, so what right do i have to make such comments?)

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I don’t trade futures, but I do trade CFDs of futures, US30, NAS100.

Basically, whatever makes money attracts me. :wink:

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Do you trade full-time? :open_mouth:

Yes, I have retired from working.


Oh sounds nice. How different is your life now that you’ve retired? Any lessons for those of us still working?