My New System

hi guys
i have started new blog with my new system and lot more so ckeck it out Forexideas
the system was back tested with pretty good results;)


Can you post your chart? :smiley:

hi core
i have not finish the posting on the blog i about my system there is more to come like stop loss,4hr time frame back test,how to make enter etc.i had log in problem to my blog last night so i could not work on it but i will finish it soon.
i will post some sample pictures too so check it out later.

i will be posting in the blog how to use those 2 time frames.

If you have got something to share then do it here, if not get lost

well tony as i am on this forum for couple of months i know already that there is always somebody that just trying to contribute negatively but you should already learn that if you dont like something just pass and contribute more there where you do like it.there is still more of those who willing to learn and will follow any blog,web site where they can do that so keep your negative posts for yourself and you are the one who should get lost.

all is good and have a good one :smiley:

Of course people are free to follow you wherever they want. Hopefully my post will get them to ask themselves why you or anyone else would seek to lead them elsewhwere rather than share your information here as intended. Whether you have an ulterior motive or not I dont know, but I recognise suspicious behaviour when I see it. There is no reason I can see why you would not use this forum if you have something to share without strings attached. You were politely asked to post a chart but the one you did was meaningless and your post full of excuses and the promised sample pictures have not arrived. Caveat emptor!

Agreed, post the system or at least give us some live signals. Otherwise stop trying to sell us something. A lot of us are poor beginners, like me, and I’m tired of everyone taking advantage of them (us). Just share.


[B]And that is my point[/B]. Babypips needs to be protected as a site where people can trust the content and not be led up the garden path

Im confused to what you guys are referring too? I have been a member here for a while and I remember first starting out Certicex giving out several systems back in the day.

The blog has nothing that is being sold on it. Nothing but system criteria information.

Do a history check on people and read their past posts. You can then tell if there out to get your money.


Stop wasting our time Certitex
If you want to post a system post it here and not your blog

I dont think anyone is making any accusations but why is the info not simply posted here. What reasons can there be for leading someone away from this site?

I’m not saying you are accusing but of course you have been on James 40-100 pips per day thread? I would also think just putting a system on a website and just direct everyone there without having people always asking “what page is this system on?”, “where can I find the system criteria?” etc… would simplify things.

All of it will be in one place and no questions will needed to be asked over and over.


Well that is certainly a valid point. As the threads become longer they can potentially become less useful because few people will take the time to go through them and fully understand all the issues

hi clayboy
i dont know but i dont see anything for sale on my blog and i believe neither do the others so why are you saying that i am selling your eyes and check it out before you post something.

have a good one

well well tony we getting to the point and yes that was the reason why i started the blog instead of posting the system here and as you can see it is much easier to find what you looking for in blog archive isnt it and you can avoid to go through many many posts that you are not interested in.the other thing is that i can add any useful links on the side for those who would like to visit other sites that they dont know about.i dont know why people has no problem to pay for scams but have problem to get something for free.:confused:

btw i am testing 4hr time frame that is why i dont have time to post the pictures and videos and beside that i have full time job but i will be posting soon not here sorry.