My personal FX pairs and XAUUSD analysis

Gold (#XAUUSD): Important Bullish Clue on a Weekly :yellow_circle:

:green_circle:Gold has nicely respected a major weekly structure support.

The market formed a bullish engulfing candle after the test of structure,

and then we saw a very nice rejection from that.

It looks like Gold may go higher.

Next resistance 1925.

Remember, that weekly time frame chart unveils a long-term perspective.

So it may take weeks, before the price reaches the target.

#GBPAUD: Time For Pullback :uk::australia:

:small_red_triangle_down:GBPAUD reached a key daily structure resistance.

The market was nicely rejected from that on 4H first,

then, a bearish engulfing candle was formed.

I expect a retracement from that structure.

Goal - 1.804

S&P500 Index (#SPY) Bearish Outlook Explained

S&P500 reached a solid horizontal key level.
The price formed a tiny double top on that and a doji candle.
Now, bears are pushing.

I expect a fall to 3886 / 3851

#NZDJPY: Pullback From Key Level

:green_circle:NZDJPY formed a cute double bottom pattern on a solid support on 1H time frame.

Its neckline has just been broken.

I expect a pullback to 83.24

#CHFJPY: Bullish Continuation Pattern

:green_circle:CHFJPY is trading in a minor bullish trend on a daily.

The price was accumulating for 3 weeks within an ascending triangle formation.

Its resistance was broken on Friday, we see its retest now.

I expect a bullish continuation to 148.3

#EURCHF: Trend-Following Setup

:small_red_triangle_down:EURCHF is approaching a confluence zone based on a horizontal supply area

and 618 retracement of the last bearish impulse.

The price formed a head & shoulders pattern, testing that.

Its neckline was broken then.

I expect a bearish move to 0.9732

#EURCAD: Important Breakout! :eu::canada:

:green_circle:EURCAD was consolidating for 3 months on a weekly.

The price was coiling within a horizontal range.

Its upper boundary was broken last week, and a weekly candle closed above that.

Probabilities will be high, that a new bullish wave will initiate soon.

Next resistance - 1.5

#USDCAD: Your Trading Plan For Today

:warning:USDCAD is consolidating on a key level.

We see a narrow horizontal range on 1H time frame.

To buy the pair with a confirmation, watch 1.369 - 1.37 horizontal resistance.

If the price breaks and closes above that on 1H, the probability will be high that we will see

a pullback from the underlined structure.

The goals will be 1.374 / 1.378

For confirmation use Moving Average Indicator

If the price sets a new lower low, the setup will become invalid.

CRUDE OIL (#WTI) Bearish Setup Explained🛢

On a today’s live stream, we discussed :small_red_triangle_down:WTI Oil.

The price formed a tiny double top pattern on 1H time frame,

approaching a wide supply cluster.

Its neckline was broken.

I expect a bearish continuation to 70.9 now.

#CADCHF: Bearish Move From Key Level

CADCHF is approaching a key daily structure resistance.
The price formed a double top pattern on an hourly time frame
and broke its neckline to the downside then.

I expect the retracement from the underlined zone.
Goals: 0.673 / 0.67

GOLD (#XAUUSD): Key Levels to Watch🥇

Here is my updated structure analysis for :green_circle:Gold.

Support 1: 1875 - 1890 area
Support 2: 1855 - 1858 area
Support 3: 1805 - 1813 area

Resistance 1: 1950 - 1960 area
Resistance 2: 1978 - 1998 area

As I predicted on a live stream, the price nicely bounced from Support 1.
I believe that the market will head towards Resistance 1.

Consider the underlined structures for pullback / breakout trading.

Dow Jones Index (#US30): Waiting For Breakout

:warning:Dow Jones Index is very bearish since 7th of March.

Currently, the price is stuck on a solid horizontal support, though.

For now, I am patiently waiting for its breakout.

Daily candle close below that area will confirm the violation.

A bearish wave will be expected then at least to 30900 support.

I will post an update once I spot a confirmed breakout.

#EURCAD: Top-Down Analysis & Trading Plan

:warning:EURCAD is approaching a peculiar horizontal demand zone.

The price formed a doji candle, testing that on a daily.

Analyzing a 4H, I spotted a double bottom with a higher low.

1.458 - 1.462 is its neckline.

If the price breaks and closes above that on 4H, I will expect a bullish movement.

Goals will be 1.469 / 1.473.

:exclamation:If the price sets a new low though, the setup will become invalid

For extra confirmation use german sniper indicator

#CADJPY: Bullish Outlook Explained

:green_circle:CADJPY formed a cute double bottom on a key horizontal support on 4H.

Its neckline was broken during the Asian session.

I believe that the pair will most likely bounce.

Target - 98.3

Bitcoin (#BTCUSD) has just broken a new yearly high!:fire:

Bulls are pushing :green_circle:Bitcoin again.
The price have updated a new high and currently approaching 27000 level.

From a technical perspective, we see a breakout attempt of a major weekly resistance cluster.
The weekly candle closes in 2 days. Closing above the underlined area, Bitcoin will open a potential
for a further bullish continuation.

Gold (#XAUUSD): Your Trading Plan For This Week :yellow_circle:

:warning:Gold is unstoppable.

The market closed, forming a high momentum bullish candle on a daily.

The price is currently approaching a solid resistance cluster.

To catch a bullish continuation, watch 1977 - 2000 area.

If the price breaks and closes above that, probabilities will be high,

that the market will go much higher.

Next goal for buyers will be 2050.

#EURCAD: Time to Grow!

Update for my Friday’s post on :green_circle:EURCAD.

The price has perfectly respected a horizontal key level on a daily:

after a formation of a double bottom pattern on 4H, its neckline was successfully broken.

Now, a bullish continuation is expected.

Targets: 1.469 / 1.4735

For additional confirmation use: VWAP MT4 Indicator

#NZDUSD: Classic Top-Down Setup

:small_red_triangle_down:NZDUSD is approaching a solid horizontal daily resistance.

We see a strong bearish reaction from that:

the price formed a rising wedge pattern and a head and shoulders pattern,

the support of the wedge and the neckline of h&s were successfully broken.

I believe that the pair may drop.

Goals: 0.6237 / 0.622

Dow Jones Index (#US30): Key Levels to Watch This Week

Here is my latest structure analysis and key levels to watch this week on :warning:Dow Jones.

Support 1: 31420 - 31830 area

Support 2: 30690 - 30900 area

Support 3: 30070 - 30360 area

Resistance 1: 32250 - 32610 area

Resistance 2: 33430 - 33660 area

The market is currently stuck between Support 1 & Support 2.

The market participants are awaiting the interest rate decision on Wednesday.

It will most likely clarify the future direction of the market with a breakout.

Consider the underlined structures for pullback/breakout trading.

:green_circle:GBPCHF broke and closed above a major falling trend line on a daily.

The broken trend line turned into a key vertical support now.

Probabilities will be high, that a bullish movement will initiate from that.

Next goals for buyers: 1.1423 / 1.151

For Additional confirmation use: Leading Indicators