My Price Action Trading Strategy

I had to redefine the pin bar one this morning, I was messing with the script the other day and realized it was labeling candles that weren’t really a pin bar. I believe you can see that in the last two charts. They’re some candles labeled as pin that really aren’t. But is straighten out now.

Hello Alg626
It seems this strategy is not suitable for you compared to your Rsi + macd + S/R strategy of h4 framework

I don’t use that strategy at the moment. I’m only using price action. Been profitable and even have passed and funded by FTMO.


Sounds perfect. A breakout followed by confirmation is the best price action strategy as far as my trading experience is concerned. I will give some of your strategies a go on my demo account. Thanks for sharing.


And are they default indicators in tradingview, can we also use/find them??

They are, just go to the search and type in
Pin bar
Outside bar
Inside bar

And they’ll be tons of scripts pop up, you just have to try them out to see which one you like. I have made changes to the code on mine, once I have the pin bar straighten out I can share them with you.

I would recommend learning to spot them without an indicator first if you haven’t already. And make sure to take them at the proper times and not just anytime you see a pin bar etc… If it’s not around a Support/Resistance I don’t touch it

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You will genuinely find good people here who are into trading and you will get to learn a lot of things from them. I come here because I also don’t know anyone who trades, so from here I get to know about new trends and strategies.

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PA strategy is one of my favorite trading methods. but I also haven’t made a profit from it, maybe because my usage is not good. and capital management is still relatively poor

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Feel free to post some charts of your trades and we can take a look at them and see. Even if they’re old trades.

Trades I entered today.

AUDUSD - Hit TP1, closed half position and moved SL to BE. : 30 Pips

GBPUSD - Hit TP1, closed half position and moved SL to BE. : 55 Pips

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Nice job. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks just trying to survive out here. lol

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Trades I have opened up this morning.

EURGBP - Hit SL : -41.3 Pips. This was a counter trend trade.

GBPAUD - Hit SL : -18.8 Pips. Also a counter trend trade.

Also if you see a solid green or red line that is the yearly high and low for that pair.
Green = Yearly High
Red = Yearly Low

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A trade I have opened this afternoon.

USDSEK : Hit SL as well, tough week so far.

How it goes sometimes, got to trust your strategy and move forward making sure to use good risk and money management. Loses are going to be part of trading just got to manage your capital.

Also I feel I didn’t hit the mark on my S/R zones, so really I took the trade from a bad spot.

Nice collection!

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Hi Alg626.
Do you determine the S/R level directly at the H4 frame or from high to low: D1 - h4?
I start from D1 determining S/R (2 lines only), then move down to H4 determining S/R in the range of S/R of d1, is it correct in your strategy?
Thank you, wish you good trading.

Hello Alg626,
My view on the USDSEK pair:

I do believe the Daily S/R zones give you a better zone to work from as sometimes the 4HR zones can be not as strong to trade from. I just look back but usually no more then 3 months to see how strong a zone is.

I also found when I would mark my zones in 4HR then go to the daily, the zone would line up with the 4HR I just marked.

Some I’ve opened this morning.

EURJPY - I expect a little trouble on this one so will be managed a little closer then usual.

EURRUB - Hit SL - Thought this one was going to work out. Just how it goes at time.


I find these to be good settings.
I’m just like you and so is my wife (haha, laugh). I’m also here to talk about strategy.

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